For more than 30 years, Braun Industrial Supply has been supplying high performance insulation materials for both commercial and industrial applications. Markets served include new construction projects as well as heavy industrial requirements. Our particular area of expertise involves specification assistance, energy saving audits, payback information and detailed application information on all insulation products. Our sales and service personnel have extensive experience providing energy intensive industries such as power generation, refining, food processing, pulp, paper, and asphalt production.

available products

  • Banding Tools
  • Ceramic Blanket and Cloth
  • Expandable Foam
  • Fabricated Pipe Insulation
  • Fiberglass Mat
  • Firestop Duct Wraps
  • Insulation Pins and Washers
  • Mastics
  • Metal Jacketing and Accessories
  • Miscellaneous Products
  • Pipe and Tank Insulation
  • Polyethylene Sheeting and Bags
  • Pressure Sensitive Tapes
  • PVC Products and Accessories
  • Removable Blanket Fabrication
  • S/S Wire - Coils, Coated, and Wash
  • Staples and Tools
  • Wire Mesh
Interested in discussing any of these products with us? Please use the contact us link above or reach out to us via the phone number listed.